diumenge, 18 d’octubre de 2009

Tricycle rides in a heart shape circuit

Memories of unexperienced events can sometimes be more powerful and appealing than realities as they have the power to be esculpted as wet clay in the hands of a gifted potter and get to contain all the feeelings one restrains.

The dialogues are made up as in the best of my scripts, flawless, witty and touching. My brain becomes the best director of photography and there are no budget boundaries as anything I want this scene to be becomes right what I expected to. The actress deserves all the awards because she says her lines with unexpected charm and her eyes have the spark of innocence nobody can keep as we grow older and tougher and life touches us off.

This memory of something that never happened can be so intense that you just wish it had been true as it would be better than chilhoods too easily stolen, broken human toys and rainy days when the sun shone for the others.

I can hear your voice yelling "Tarinyu" and it drives me back to a place in my mind where I was there for you before we ever met. Then, I turn my face and face reality, you...Ride to the finish line

Reality is always better as the search for perfection is just an endless source of insatisfaction.