diumenge, 20 de juny de 2010

mass self delussion

They, who always cared about what was set as ethics, who never dared to choose mistakes as a valid path to walk, who, worst of all, were obsessed with reaching enlightment have too often been confined in a mental prision of shadows, chewing their fingers to the bone in premature dementia. Wrong turns were greeted with scorn, as they depicted themselves as judges of morality, restrain and wisdom while forgetting any kind of simpathy for human feebleness, for our inner right to be wrong.

Wearing wings made of concubine's hair, passing sentences in disguises hidding intrinsic disfigurement while being in confort with the Whore of Babylon arrayed in purple and scarlet colour they all drink from the golden cup in her hand full of abominations and filthiness. Masks of people of virtue conceal Pharisees tearing their clothes just to reveal a depravity sample board.

You judged and, now, you ... will be judged.

divendres, 18 de juny de 2010


Smash already smashed souls,
theethgrind in your sleep
just to realise you false smile,
when you are awake, through babyteeth.

Fight demons in your dreams
names and face your real enemies,
with the help of the Oneiroi and Nyx
they're always easier to defeat.

Gather all your hope and dreams.
keep them in a wooden box,
replace pain with renewed hope
and waste no time in regrets and remorse.

Awake to a light so blinding you wish you could never sleep