divendres, 12 de febrer de 2010

live in frames

Feeling detached from reality opens the golden gates of a new realm based on travelings from your bed to the bathroom, a close up to a cigar while the image sweeps away to a close window, behind which a world is thought to be waiting for you but it goes on and on in perpetuity though.

Open frame to a train station where people come and go, cross without uttering a word and those who open their mouth seem numb, lacking in any ability to interact deeply and are captured in backlighting reverse angle.

Extreme long shots of lives that can't get into details as they are so superficial an extreme close up would show how meaningless they are to anyone but themselves and they fade without leaving any imprint. They wish they were at least supporting actors in the plot of your life but nothing but background is what they become.

Split screens where some scenes are shown in slow motion as others appear to be static shots because the script is unwritten and they lost their lines too long ago trying to be who the audience expects them to, with ridiculous expectations to be awarded for a role that wasn't meant to be performed by them and, in the edditing they got nothing but becoming extra features.

Now is your time...LIGHT, ROLL CAMERA, ACTION. Let me see your point of view.