divendres, 26 de novembre de 2010


Spread over the sky of a decayed civilization.
These are the last terrible years of authority.
The disease has reached its crisis,
Ten thousand years of power.

Now shout out to the media: “United We Stand!”
They shall continue blind among the blind.
Deaf to the word, so clear, so strong,
It’s been told before, addOur day will come.

Fires beyond your imagination,
Tearing up souls like a bible infestation.
People, in endless tribulation,
Right back with a one-two combination.
We will not rule, & also ruled we will not be.

Raise your fists after slumber
In unvanquishable number.
Shake the earth like dew.
Many against a few.

divendres, 5 de novembre de 2010

Family Dinners

"You said, you did, you didn't say, you didn't do"
Old stories are like voltors flying around the dying,
like hyenas hidding cruelty behind a sneer.
If you live in grudge and you're to bitter to forgive ,
it's you the corpse they'll be feeding from.

dissabte, 28 d’agost de 2010

perpetuum mobile

Walk together a new path.
Sometimes you don't know where you're going to,
so the best option is just walk.

I have the urge to walk like a shark can't stop swimming,
I feel if I stop moving I'm dying,
if I stop thinking, my brain is useless
and its place could be taken by a rotten coliflower.

Walk together into the unknown,
find there everything you have been looking for,
and the constant will to look for more.

divendres, 27 d’agost de 2010

White Collar Lies

Ask no questions and hear no lies, give no answers and the truth will become a stranger sitting at your family dinning table, unnoticeable in the blur, but appearing in all pics with a sneer.

Half the truth is often a whole lie as living with fear is a half life, but knowing all the truth as a pack with past, details, joys and pains is hardly ever advisable as your truth is rarely theirs, and today's truth is a scratch in someone else's memories, memories that vaguely resembles facts and particularly get too often messed up in rethoric and gratuitous images.

Then, one day, you wake up, switch TV, check the net and can't tell the truth from the biggest lie, world rulers accept no questions asked while you're demanding answers for the present and for the past, disinformation keeps us confused and you wonder if your private behaviour has been copied by mass media.

Day One of the rest of your life. Headlines: We're all used

dimarts, 17 d’agost de 2010

Whistles in silence

Being a kid, I used to pull, hit and kick my teeth so I could wait all night to get the tooth fairy bring me anything, from a brother to the most useless crap. Sometimes I got a coin, once I even got a watch and, when I achieved my goal too late, I was told the overnight demand for tooth fairy visits exceeded the amount of time the tooth fairy had so I got a scratch paper.

Then my sister died.I learnt to keep my mouth shut, not to shout too loud while being pulled, kicked and hit in the mouth by the fact that no tooth fairy was going to fulfill my wishes, that the answers I was looking for couldn't be found under my pillow, that facing meaningles was a path I had to walk on my own despite of being surrounded by those who preached to find an answer in God and too many years later I came to find out my father had wandered around in a parallel road until he run out of fuel and decided to rejoin.

As the last member of a handicapped linage, I decided to ask for a last wish, remeber to forget and forget to remember so I could get a fresh start, focus on what I had instead of everything I lacked, find the joy in other's joy, freedom of mind in freedom of speech, my laugh in the most stupid joke when shared with the right one, summing up, the meaning of meaningfull things.

With my mouth full of blood and empty of teeth, I recouped my smile.

diumenge, 20 de juny de 2010

mass self delussion

They, who always cared about what was set as ethics, who never dared to choose mistakes as a valid path to walk, who, worst of all, were obsessed with reaching enlightment have too often been confined in a mental prision of shadows, chewing their fingers to the bone in premature dementia. Wrong turns were greeted with scorn, as they depicted themselves as judges of morality, restrain and wisdom while forgetting any kind of simpathy for human feebleness, for our inner right to be wrong.

Wearing wings made of concubine's hair, passing sentences in disguises hidding intrinsic disfigurement while being in confort with the Whore of Babylon arrayed in purple and scarlet colour they all drink from the golden cup in her hand full of abominations and filthiness. Masks of people of virtue conceal Pharisees tearing their clothes just to reveal a depravity sample board.

You judged and, now, you ... will be judged.

divendres, 18 de juny de 2010


Smash already smashed souls,
theethgrind in your sleep
just to realise you false smile,
when you are awake, through babyteeth.

Fight demons in your dreams
names and face your real enemies,
with the help of the Oneiroi and Nyx
they're always easier to defeat.

Gather all your hope and dreams.
keep them in a wooden box,
replace pain with renewed hope
and waste no time in regrets and remorse.

Awake to a light so blinding you wish you could never sleep

diumenge, 16 de maig de 2010

I light cigarettes with an everlasting candle light
while trying to go through a screen to reach the other side
where she is stuck in the middle of a freezing plateau.

Try to sleep but I am waken up by never-ending sounds
which come from nowhere but a corner of my mind
because the silence has gained space in this house
since she took her giggle in the bottom of a suitcase.

Sleeping surronded by Misery and Dawn,
we three wait expectantly for her come back.


Enciendo cigarros con la perpetua luz de una vela
mientras intento traspasar una pantalla hacia el otro lado
donde ella se encuentra atrapada en un gélido páramo.

Intento dormir pero me desvelan sonidos incesantes
que provienen no de otro lugar que un rincón de mi mente
ya que el silencio ha ganado terreno en esta casa
desde que ella se llevó su risa en el fondo de una maleta.

Durmiendo rodeado por la miseria y el amanecer,
los tres aguardamos, expectantes, su regreso.

dimecres, 24 de març de 2010


Relentless chases of relativism, a nature given to criticism, my finger in a trigger which pulls my tongue way too fast and an absolute belief that nothing above pulls my strings led me to walk in a path walked by fewer but freer brains.

I never asked for a long time companion in my way and hardly ever expected to listen, see, taste or even smell anything but vulgarity as flies never expect to live more than 30 days and wondered if they ever wished to have remained as maggots as much as I wished not to have experienced some episodes of existence.

Human are the most common pest but they are not seen as such because their suits, make up, big cars, scalpel carved bodies, houses and all superficial artifacts have got to be artful devices to hide decadence.

Now I walk, not longer alone, as you are an answer to my questions.

dilluns, 1 de març de 2010

A piece of art

Step one:

Watch closely and dirt your hands,
stick your nails in your liver
and push up straight to your brain
to pull down every single gut in the way,
spread haemoglobin all over the canvas
name it and frame it in dispair.

Step two:

Read Burroughs, Corso and Ginsberg,
face the restlesness instead of fighting it
and see the logic in uneasiness,
go to the nearest bookshop and steal O'Neill,
buy Albee with a forged million dollar bill
capture their bitterness in ink.

Step three (and last):

Forget the canon, as everything in it
has already been done.

divendres, 12 de febrer de 2010

live in frames

Feeling detached from reality opens the golden gates of a new realm based on travelings from your bed to the bathroom, a close up to a cigar while the image sweeps away to a close window, behind which a world is thought to be waiting for you but it goes on and on in perpetuity though.

Open frame to a train station where people come and go, cross without uttering a word and those who open their mouth seem numb, lacking in any ability to interact deeply and are captured in backlighting reverse angle.

Extreme long shots of lives that can't get into details as they are so superficial an extreme close up would show how meaningless they are to anyone but themselves and they fade without leaving any imprint. They wish they were at least supporting actors in the plot of your life but nothing but background is what they become.

Split screens where some scenes are shown in slow motion as others appear to be static shots because the script is unwritten and they lost their lines too long ago trying to be who the audience expects them to, with ridiculous expectations to be awarded for a role that wasn't meant to be performed by them and, in the edditing they got nothing but becoming extra features.

Now is your time...LIGHT, ROLL CAMERA, ACTION. Let me see your point of view.

dimarts, 19 de gener de 2010

GAME (v-s- -ges o-f r- -n-)

No excuses anymore,
The truth has been perverted
to a game played in a chess
Where the pieces have died
For too long.
Who's the Bishop in the board?
While the pawns fall time after time,
Archbishops spread their word
Concubines of death
Fiances of despair
Sketch a smile on their face.
Crawl in the darkness,
Smile with borrowed anger
Slap the disguise of an “ego”,
Ghastly reflections in the mirror
Feeling loneliness in all this nonsense
Filling emptiness with indifference
Feeling gaps, filling eyes
with the tears I can’t cry.