dissabte, 29 d’agost de 2009


I jumped into the river just to be with the flow,just to see where it took me,where my mind used to go,when its estuary would lay and its meanders may turn.

The tributaries got shaped, their faces got clearer while its source was away, the waterfalls broke my ribs,and the reservoirs dried the current.

I drowned in the river,was close to suffocate,the water was low,till I reached the wadi and I couldn't breath, the river became a stream, a stream of thoughts twisting out of control.

I looked up, then looked down again, I drank, my lungs were filled with liquids, the level rose sharply and there came the flood.

I jumped into the river and its headward erosions took me home.

dijous, 20 d’agost de 2009

No trace remains

Would you mind wasting two seconds of your busy life, you who buy and buy time to be busier, not to sit and enjoy the crash of our civilization, you who believe that culture can be bought and kept in golden cages, you who download movies as movies are for you a mere entretainment, nothing far from a talk show, you who say love music because you have the dial of your car hi-fi in a music station or aren't bothered by listening to music in the darkness of a club while hunting but complain that CDs are too expensive and would never attend a show, you who guess that nothing is wrong with your children just because they have all the material trivialities others lack, but are deaf to a cry for attention until it would be too late. Would you mind wasting a day?

Dial a wrong number, apologise for not knowing what to say because you have never met before, dare to ask if their life is fullfiling just to look at the screen of your cell phone and realize that you have just called home.

dilluns, 17 d’agost de 2009

Distorted images of a dream in a window shop

I've said too many time I'll leave to chase my dreams, leave because I'm fed up of being a slave with chains made of commitments I never wanted, of the false feeling of stability which is in fact the transmutation of having become used to the boredome, uninterested in the opportunities surrounding me. Sometimes, I have even stayed thinking in what others felt I had to do, instead of what my guts told me, and I never regret as they were my choices. once I stayed because I had too many things to solve and I was never a good quiter, but when these reasons had faded my inner will called louder. Then, a spark has started a new fire, I've found a reason to stay, an opportunity that really fulfilled me, but my thoughts flew far away too often, my fingers were typing looking for information, my feet stood still though.

Now I have a reason to stay, but this same reason would make me go away, as I won't runaway from any broken illusions, my fuel is not a mixture of failure and despair, it is a combination of two or more substances that are not chemically united and do not exist in fixed proportions to each other, colloid particles can be seen under the wind of our plane. Now I know I'll leave, just need to find when.

We who have a why can endure any how

dimecres, 12 d’agost de 2009

Crawl on broken knees

The knot around the neck won't crack it
unless somebody pulls while going away.
Spontaneous combustion of a cracked figurehead,
of a sinking ship without wind in its sails.

The blowing of tired lungs cannot become a typhoon.
Typhon attempts to destroy Zeus at the will of Gaia,
because Zeus has imprisoned the Titans,
will you dare to rise and be a titanide?

Words that are lost in a burnt paper,
faces that fade as they turn their backs
in a neverending path to the land of the forgotten
to a land where forgiveness means nothing
as there is nothing left behind to be forgiven.

Does it really matter if she will pull the trigger?

dimarts, 4 d’agost de 2009

Dance in the smoke of my cigarette

Dance, smile, rest beside a half open window
a window where a faraway breeze dries the tears,
a defening silence turns into a music box melody
and the smoke gets involved with your breath.

Hit the air with your arms wide open
chase a dream while you dream awaken,
open an eye to see the dawn,
while the other stays in an oneiric realm .

Make me forget to leave spaces to new built memories,
give me a shot of ink under my skin,
whistle in the darkness a long forgotten tune,
Dance, smile, rest in the smoke of my cigarette.