diumenge, 22 de novembre de 2009

Rain clouds over bridges and rivers

Those who had always been, had never known
felt a void that couldn't be filled
looked for answers in ignorants gurus
let days fly away, nights find them naked
as naked were their selves.

Words spoken by others were meaningless,
but they couldn't utter a speech at all
as they felt nothing they said was worth
as they let others be on the spotlight
because they needn't be seen at all.

Time was senseless as they in parallel evolved
she was not even born when he felt the urge,
an urge that could not be satisfied
as well as she was growing up,
he got lost in the search for many times.

He sat and smoke when she could not even breath,
he ran away to nowhere as she was still crawling,
he cried from pain, she cried just to be bred,
his dreams...faded, her dreams...just to begin,
a nameless hope, a blank poem in the sheet.

And then she dared to talk to him,
he said nothing as he didn't expect to be seen,
he stood still, she walked away
they went to sleep, to dream again
not knowing what her acts could get to mean.

Now she's asleep, he can't wait her to wake up and fill him.

dijous, 5 de novembre de 2009

Slepless dreams

There are day when you wish you hadn't woken up, everything seems to go wrong, the smallest match can start a vast destructive fire, every word is missunderstood, each puff goes the wrong way and leaves you breathless, every sip drains you instead of satisfiying your thirst even if you drink to your will, none of your ideas comes out right and, while every song is meaningless, every book is wordless as well as any movie you watch has faded to black.

Too many days you cannot sleep eventhough you'd kill for a bad nap despite having endless time for your own because it seems that Morpheus has forgotten your existance, nevertheless the muse doesn't appear making your hours absolutely useless.

What what about if you sleep with your muse? She writes something down which is the spark for burning creation? She smiles making wrongs rights? She shares her last cigarette with you? She has a leading role in the movie of your life, the main character in a book you cannot write as you, selfishly, want to keep it for yourself, her voice is the music of the lyrics in your brain? What about if she could lock and unlock your brain without doing it out of obligation to decipher your lights and shades?

What about if I don't wanna sleep anymore when I'm with you as I can't when you're away?