dimecres, 24 de març de 2010


Relentless chases of relativism, a nature given to criticism, my finger in a trigger which pulls my tongue way too fast and an absolute belief that nothing above pulls my strings led me to walk in a path walked by fewer but freer brains.

I never asked for a long time companion in my way and hardly ever expected to listen, see, taste or even smell anything but vulgarity as flies never expect to live more than 30 days and wondered if they ever wished to have remained as maggots as much as I wished not to have experienced some episodes of existence.

Human are the most common pest but they are not seen as such because their suits, make up, big cars, scalpel carved bodies, houses and all superficial artifacts have got to be artful devices to hide decadence.

Now I walk, not longer alone, as you are an answer to my questions.

dilluns, 1 de març de 2010

A piece of art

Step one:

Watch closely and dirt your hands,
stick your nails in your liver
and push up straight to your brain
to pull down every single gut in the way,
spread haemoglobin all over the canvas
name it and frame it in dispair.

Step two:

Read Burroughs, Corso and Ginsberg,
face the restlesness instead of fighting it
and see the logic in uneasiness,
go to the nearest bookshop and steal O'Neill,
buy Albee with a forged million dollar bill
capture their bitterness in ink.

Step three (and last):

Forget the canon, as everything in it
has already been done.