dissabte, 28 d’agost de 2010

perpetuum mobile

Walk together a new path.
Sometimes you don't know where you're going to,
so the best option is just walk.

I have the urge to walk like a shark can't stop swimming,
I feel if I stop moving I'm dying,
if I stop thinking, my brain is useless
and its place could be taken by a rotten coliflower.

Walk together into the unknown,
find there everything you have been looking for,
and the constant will to look for more.

divendres, 27 d’agost de 2010

White Collar Lies

Ask no questions and hear no lies, give no answers and the truth will become a stranger sitting at your family dinning table, unnoticeable in the blur, but appearing in all pics with a sneer.

Half the truth is often a whole lie as living with fear is a half life, but knowing all the truth as a pack with past, details, joys and pains is hardly ever advisable as your truth is rarely theirs, and today's truth is a scratch in someone else's memories, memories that vaguely resembles facts and particularly get too often messed up in rethoric and gratuitous images.

Then, one day, you wake up, switch TV, check the net and can't tell the truth from the biggest lie, world rulers accept no questions asked while you're demanding answers for the present and for the past, disinformation keeps us confused and you wonder if your private behaviour has been copied by mass media.

Day One of the rest of your life. Headlines: We're all used

dimarts, 17 d’agost de 2010

Whistles in silence

Being a kid, I used to pull, hit and kick my teeth so I could wait all night to get the tooth fairy bring me anything, from a brother to the most useless crap. Sometimes I got a coin, once I even got a watch and, when I achieved my goal too late, I was told the overnight demand for tooth fairy visits exceeded the amount of time the tooth fairy had so I got a scratch paper.

Then my sister died.I learnt to keep my mouth shut, not to shout too loud while being pulled, kicked and hit in the mouth by the fact that no tooth fairy was going to fulfill my wishes, that the answers I was looking for couldn't be found under my pillow, that facing meaningles was a path I had to walk on my own despite of being surrounded by those who preached to find an answer in God and too many years later I came to find out my father had wandered around in a parallel road until he run out of fuel and decided to rejoin.

As the last member of a handicapped linage, I decided to ask for a last wish, remeber to forget and forget to remember so I could get a fresh start, focus on what I had instead of everything I lacked, find the joy in other's joy, freedom of mind in freedom of speech, my laugh in the most stupid joke when shared with the right one, summing up, the meaning of meaningfull things.

With my mouth full of blood and empty of teeth, I recouped my smile.