divendres, 27 d’agost de 2010

White Collar Lies

Ask no questions and hear no lies, give no answers and the truth will become a stranger sitting at your family dinning table, unnoticeable in the blur, but appearing in all pics with a sneer.

Half the truth is often a whole lie as living with fear is a half life, but knowing all the truth as a pack with past, details, joys and pains is hardly ever advisable as your truth is rarely theirs, and today's truth is a scratch in someone else's memories, memories that vaguely resembles facts and particularly get too often messed up in rethoric and gratuitous images.

Then, one day, you wake up, switch TV, check the net and can't tell the truth from the biggest lie, world rulers accept no questions asked while you're demanding answers for the present and for the past, disinformation keeps us confused and you wonder if your private behaviour has been copied by mass media.

Day One of the rest of your life. Headlines: We're all used

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