diumenge, 8 d’abril de 2012

Pointless paths

Moving again as I can't find my place,
don't know where I am or just where I'll lay
the places I love are too far away,
the places I am are those which I hate,
the people around, I don't give a damn,
tomorrow, I'll see them, but won't know their names.

Can't cope with the one people expect,
my choices are driven straight to nowhere,
I'm doomed to be who I just can't love,
I'd love to break through but I lost all hope,
and in the meanwhile I survive, don't live,
all my words are dumb, my body's stiff.

All along the way, I leave tones of corpses,
dreams, expectations, ideas, remorses,
and sometimes, I also, write some shitty poems.

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